Saturday, October 17, 2009

End of M


Totally forgot to do this, because the transition between M and N came at dinnertime and I just put these on one after the other. I did, however, just realize the answer to the question that is the title of the blog.

Q: Why are there so many records in my life?
A: Because I feel guilty.

I've obtained most of my music for free, one way or another. This is the way I balance the guilt. If I listen to an album enough, after a certain amount of listens I write it down and promise to buy it when I have the cash or if I find it used, etc.

Mostly this feels like punishment, and I feel like I've been incredibly wasteful. There's a line in this new Kurt Vile song "He's Alright" that goes like, "Some people they use up all their cash / records and such they sit around but I don't care about that" and it makes me feel kind of shitty because he's right, although it's most likely ironic or tongue-and-cheek because you know, he's part of that. And it makes me not want to buy his record (Though I feel guilty because it hasn't left my car stereo in like, weeks). But yeah, I've been selling a lot of records. Not a lot, but you know. Some.

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