Friday, October 23, 2009

Nuzzle – San Lorenzo's Blues

Nuzzle – San Lorenzo's Blues
Troubleman Unlimited, 1999
Acquired: Love Garden Blowout Location, Used, 2009

What can I say? I'm a sucker for album art. And given that it was only $1 and on Troubleman Unlimited, why the fuck not? Seriously, there's no excuse. I've been selling a lot of records for super cheap, and selling them at prices I'd probably buy them for. I just started selling off DVDs and CDs on, too, and that's distressing because I'm not making a lot and it would be easier to keep that stuff. Alas, I need to pare down my possessions. But the record collection has a special privilege. It gets to grow, because I desire a big wall of records someday like Rob Gordon in High Fidelity. But I will never have that, because vinyl is dead. ANYWAY, allmusic defines Nuzzle as a “Santa Cruz emo-quartet.” That's exactly what this sounds like. It sounds like a bunch of dudes WAY into Sunny Day Real Estate. And, since I love SDRE, I think this is really good! Troubleman Unlimited is a label that I've heard of, but never really explored. However, after looking through their discography, I can say that they are LEGIT AS FUCK. Looking it over, I now remember where I first thought this label was cool! They put out Titus Andronicus' The Airing of Grievances! One of my favorite albums of..shit, the decade. Jersey rules, I guess, record label-wise. Ok, but this record. This one is really good! I'm surprised. It wasn't even in the first batch I picked up before the sale went to 75%! Regardless, this is a little gem.

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