Thursday, October 29, 2009

Portastatic - Slow Note From a Sinking Ship

Portastatic – Slow Note From a Sinking Ship
Merge, 1995
Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2007
Price: $5

Though generally quieter than Supechunk, Mac hits some pretty awesome upbeat Superchunk-esque moments here. “San Andreas” is a total jam that I first heard on the Some Small History comp that came out last year, and it's good to have it here on vinyl. It's not the best Portastatic record, but it's good nonetheless. It's a little forgettable, and I think that's why there were like 8 copies at Love Garden before they moved. Oh, “Skinny Glasses Girl” rules too, also first heard on Some Small History. Basically, I have a serious Mac MacCaughan crush. I want to be him, I want to write songs like him and and sing all those great deadpan melodies. Like, “In the Manner of Anne Frank” is such a perfect, quiet indie-pop song straight outta the bedroom, dubbed to a four track. There's something beautiful about that.

Also: Young Mac + mid-90s + Videotape = Video for "San Andreas." It is amazing.

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