Friday, October 23, 2009

Nodzzz - Nodzzz

Nodzzz – Nodzzz
What's Your Rupture, 2008
Acquired: Love Garden, New, 2009
Price: $10

This record is so good. I know lately I've stated that the neo-garage rock lo-fi revival has gotten out of hand and all these bands sound the exact fucking same, but Nodzzz are a ton of fun. Though it's very in the pocket of pre-punk and sounds like a cross between the Velvet Underground and Television, this record ultimately ends up sounding fresh because it really sounds like these dudes wanna do no more than have some fun in someone's garage. Where most of these new records in the same vein are forgettable and maybe garner ONE memorable song, there are a handful here. I think I mostly admire these tunes because they have an understanding of brevity. For instance, “Simple Song” is exactly what it says it is. It's super short, it's fucking catchy, and it's seemingly about trying to get the time. Despite song length, the songs all seem fully formed. It's the old GBV trick. Check out “Is She There?” with it's perfect chorus harmony-chants, the “I'm Waiting for the Man”-esque “In the City (Contact High),” the GBV-esque “Losing My Accent” or “I Can't Wait,” which sounds like a classic (probably because it's ripping something off, but who cares, it's fucking fun as hell). Despite their penchant for New York bands, these homeboys are from San Francisco, and this record REALLY makes me want to move there if I can have local bands like this. It was really great to stumble upon this again. I really need to keep up with what these dudes are up to. Amazing cover art too!

Look at these NERDS!

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