Saturday, October 31, 2009

Seam - Are You Driving Me Crazy?

Seam – Are You Driving Me Crazy?
Touch and Go, 1995
Acquired: Lawrence Antique Mall, Used, 2006
Price: $5

Seam formed in Chapel Hill, NC right around the time Superchunk put out No Pocky for Kitty. They are probably best known as “the band Mac from Superchunk played drums with on their first record.” Mac left (for good reason, as I don't know what I'd do without Superchunk) and on Seam's third record, Are You Driving Me Crazy?, Seam bandleader Sooyoung Park has hired a completely new group of musicians and they deliver some mighty fine post-rock inspired college rock. Well goddamnit. After peeking through Allmusic I've found discovered some things that make this sound make absolute sense. SO, a brief history. Park and original Seam bassist Lexi Mitchell were both members of Bitch Magnet, which was one of David Grubb's post Squirrel Bait post-hardcore bands. Hence, we get a little bit of a Slinty vibe, but just a little. Fucking indie rock family tree. One of the songs on the b-side sounds a hell of a lot like Neil Young's “Cortez the Killer,” but it's slightly off. Another song does the same guitar breakdown in the chorus as Boo and Boo Too's “Ripper's Hell,” although I know they've never heard this song. The second to last song on the record, “Sometimes I Forget” is a gorgeous little downtempo sad bastard song and I love it. It's actually quite emo, very Sunny Day Real Estate. Dig it.

Don't know why there's a picture of a tooth, but here's "Sometimes I Forget:"

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