Friday, October 23, 2009

No Age - Get Hurt EP

No Age – Get Hurt EP
Upset the Rhythm, 2007
Acquired: Love Garden, New, 2008
Price: $12

This is one of the No Age EP's, if not their first. Three of the songs showed up on their debut/compilation Weirdo Rippers, most importantly “Everybody's Down,” which is why I bought this record. Because that song is impossibly good. This EP is pretty wonderful on its own, though. “Stitches” is a nice slab of MBV-esque shoegaze with extra noise and a terrific vocal line. It's very different from the hardcore punk tag No Age normally gets associated with. Though it's on beautiful green vinyl and has one of my favorite songs on it, I really shouldn't have bought this. $12 is a little much for an EP, in my opinion. Maybe it will end up being a cultural artifact or something, or maybe worth some money some day but ultimately, I could really use $12 right now. BUT, this is No Age, who are responsible for the COOLEST show I have ever seen. It was at SXSW 2008 and Spacek and I had just witnessed a hit and run (in which Deerhunter's Bradford Cox was present, and freaking out) on our way to the "bridge show." We got there as Fucked Up was ending their set (sadly) but caught No Age. The sound was awful, totally fucking awful, but the show was fucking amazing. Hundreds of punkers on this bridge, which was wobbling from the bodies (or at least it felt like it was wobbling). Miller High Life flying everywhere, insane. I'm pretty sure they played "Everybody's Down," which, like Refused's "New Noise," is designed like a time bomb. And time bomb songs are the best!

Peep how good this shit is:

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