Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Plimsouls - Everywhere at Once

The Plimsouls – Everywhere at Once
Geffen, 1983
Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2007
Price: $6

The Plimsouls are Peter Case's post Nerves band and they're not nearly as good as the Nerves. They're a little more dated, a little bit too 80s, where the Nerves are kind of timeless. It very much has that new wave vibe that was kind of like a plague. Everyone was doing it. It's like how now everyone sings like that guy from Nickelback who in turn sings like that guy from Creed. I'm keen to this band because of Justin Brown. I can't tell you how many bands I discovered while he and Cyrus were doing their 5 day freeform marathon on KJHK a couple years ago. It was amazing. I was helping Nate M. with a documentary about it, which reminds me that I need to mail him the tapes so he can edit it. I never did because the other guy we were working with was a total tool and I'm pretty sure he stole the first tape, which made starting the editing process really hard. Anyway, Justin and I would talk about music and he'd be like “You haven't heard the Plimsouls? Check this out.” The second side is better than the first and features their best known track “A Million Miles Away,” which was also featured on the excellent Valley Girl soundtrack. It's catchy and has almost a Replacements-esque Minneapolis sound tied with the kind of hooks that would be present throughout the late 80s. It also sounds like the Ataris ripped this song off A LOT on their major label debut, in particular their single “In this Diary.” I remember it vividly, soundtracking my junior year of high school, they totally copped this. It has a pretty awesome guitar solo in the middle of it, too. Nothing flashy, just a nice little break that transitions into an awesome little lead riff. I wish this was raw like the Nerves. It's a little polished for my taste. “I'll Get Lucky” comes close, but it's got this sheen on it in the drums and the guitar tones that makes it a little too mainstream sounding.

OK, this is pretty much the best thing I have ever found on youtube. Seriously, check this out!

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