Monday, October 19, 2009

New Order - Brotherhood

New Order – Brotherhood
Factory/Qwest, 1986
Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2008
Price: $10

I already had a used copy of this when I bought this one. But that one was kind of crummy, and I'd only paid $4 for it so I ended up giving that one away. I find it interesting how little time I've spent with this album. Power, Corruption, and Lies got my full attention when I had to review it for KJ Essentials, and I've dabbled in Low-Life and Movement but Brotherhood, the one I own, I've spent the least time with. Though primarily a singles band, New Order's albums were known for being pretty damn good...despite the fact that the single-versions of certain songs were usually better than the album versions. For instance, this has “Bizarre Love Triangle” but I hate the predominant dark, bassy synth. It's an interesting composition, everything fits together I guess I just don't like this version that much. I do like the everpresent guitars on this album, though. That's a saving grace, but overall I think it's kind of forgettable. Or maybe I just need to spend some more time with it. “Way of Life” is a jam I'd never heard before (god when was the last time I listened to this record?), and the ramshackle tweeness of “Every Little Counts” is nice. Overall I'm a little underwhelmed by this one. Maybe I just need to give it some time or something.

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