Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pixies - Doolittle

Pixies – Doolittle
4AD, 1989
Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2008
Price: $10

Anyone who tells you they don't like this record is full of shit. Hell, anyone who says this is overrated is even more full of shit. Every song is a total fucking jam, and there's really not much more to say than that. It's a record everyone should own and pull out from time to time. Pixies in my book are the very essence of a band. Four people bringing what they have to the table. Though Black Francis is the bandleader, it sounds like a collaboration. Everyone shines on their own. Although, if it weren't for Kim Deal this record would fall apart. Her harmonies and bass lines are usually my favorite part of this record. “Hey” is my absolute favorite song to hear on KJHK to the point where, if I don't hear that song once every couple of weeks I start to worry. It kind of exemplifies college rock. Actually, all the hits on this record exemplify everything that is good about college rock, which is basically not really giving a fuck and writing amazing jams. “Debaser,” “Gouge Away,” “Tame,” “I Bleed,” “Monkey Gone to Heaven,” “Here Comes Your Man,” all of 'em. I was playing this while Jenny was vaccuming up all the dog hair in the living room and I would serenade her with “Wave of Mutilation” and she sang “Monkey Gone to Heaven” at top volume. It was a good time. Anyway, I'm usually not one for judgment, but if you don't like this record there is something wrong with you. Fun story, though. My dad saw part of the Pixies documentary on some TV station they have back home because they have super-cable, and he thought they were so cool. I think he liked the music, which is bizarre because he hates everything but classic rock, the Dixie Chicks, and Taylor Swift, but he thought that a band fronted by a fat dude and a "not great looking chick" could get popular was bizarre to him. I think he watched the whole thing, too. It was weird. But kind of cool. Man, this album kicks ass. I shouldn't neglect it like this. You know what's awesome? "Mr. Grieves." I heard someone say it sucked, and that TV on the Radio's acapella version was better, but I think they're equally rad. TV on the Radio's version is fucking insanely good. So good. But the Pixies version is just so insanely fun. Like jump around the room and kick shit over fun.

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  1. i definitely played "hey" more than any other song on kjhk.