Friday, October 16, 2009

The Mr. T Experience - Our Bodies Our Selves

The Mr. T Experience – Our Bodies Our Selves
Lookout!, 1993
Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2007
Price: $5

Yes, I bought this solely for “Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend,” but upon listening to this thing all the way through I'm realizing it's an excellent mid-90s pop punk record! I loved the Mr. T Experience early on in my punk rock years, when I was about 16 and I devoted my time to Fat, Lookout, Hopeless and Fearless. It's hard to believe this came out in '93, but it makes sense because this is starting to sound like a forgotten classic, which I guess can happen when a record has been out for 15 years. It sounds really, really good. It's not as bratty as the other pop punk I listened to, and it has more of a power-pop edge (with some sweet harmonies, too!). Maybe it's the San Francisco Bay Area that tones them down (in the best way). Although, those Fat bands were all from San Fran and they could be pretty bratty, but come to think of it they weren't nearly as bratty as the so-Cal pop-punk bands. ANYWAY, this record is good, and I really want to dig up some of the other Mr. T Experience albums I had at the time. I have spindles and spindles of burnt CDs sitting around my place. CDs from when CD burning became a thing (and when CD-rs were like 2 or 3 bucks a piece!). I'm sure I have Revenge is Sweet and So Are You, I know it. “Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend” is Dr. Frank's masterpiece, though, and really, I've come to realize that if people only know you for one song that's not really a bad thing. Not at all! Like, if someone came up and said “Dude! You wrote 'Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend'” I'd be proud because that's a damn fine song. It's clever and funny. Even if you only write one good song throughout your career, it's still better than none. Not to say that Dr. Frank only wrote one good song. As you can see from this write-up, I think this record is pretty nifty!

And because I love fanvids, here's this!

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