Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rodan - Rusty

Rodan – Rusty
Quarterstick, 1994
Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2007
Price: $8

Purchased at the peak of my I-just-realized-how-fucking-good-Spiderland-is phase, this is one of the many Slint knock-offs from the mid-90s. Regardless, I love these bands and their math rock. Rodan were also from Louisville and formed the year after Slint's demise. They're notable for having Tara Jane O'Neil on bass here. She went on to put some really good solo records out on K and occasionally performs with K's elite. For instance, I saw her play guitar in Mirah's band at SXSW this year and that was pretty rad. That aside, this record is a little too post-rocky for my taste. You know, the 7 minute songs all based around the build, or maybe that's just the longer song since “Shiner,” which follows directly after the slow-buildy “Bible Silver Corner,” fucking slays. “Shiner” sounds remarkably Shellac-y, which might make sense since the record was produced by Shellac bassist Bob “Rusty” Weston. Yes, the record is named after him, which is an unbelievably cool tribute. I actually really love the way this record runs from serenity to hardcore to almost sludgy metal and back again. Makes me want to do some equations, and reminds me of the time I did algebra homework while listening to math rock. The only real flaw with Rodan is that they seem far too indebted to Slint. The epic “The Everyday World of Bodies” sounds exactly like “Good Morning, Captain,” and it's not that it's a bad song. It's kind of awesome, and the female vocal harmonies really make it about halfway through, but sonically it's the same. Regardless, it's still a good record!

Here's "Shiner"

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