Friday, October 23, 2009

Nothing Painted Blue - Power Trips Down Lover's Lane

Nothing Painted Blue – Power Trips Down Lovers Lane
Kokopop, 1993
Acquired: Love Garden, Used, 2007
Price: $5

Funny story with this one. So, I saw the Mountain Goats play in the Fall of 2007 and they covered Nothing Painted Blue's “Houseguest.” So I downloaded Nothing Painted Blue records. Then I found this one at Love Garden. So, I peep the credits list and notice that the producer is one R. Vodicka. In my head, I remember that my Western Civ II professor next for the next semester's name is Robert Vodicka. After some research, I find out that it's the same dude! Long story short, I did really shitty in his class, which was embarrassing because he was super cool. Super cool to the point where he would play rad songs before each class (stuff by Devo, Big Dipper, and I think he even played a Nothing Painted Blue song once). Anyway, this record is pretty damn good mid-90s college indie-rock. Frontman Franklin Bruno is tight with John Darnielle, and thus turns up on most of the recent Mountain Goats records (usually playing piano). He was also in the Extra Glenns, with Darnielle, and they made a fantastic record together called Martial Arts Weekend. The Go-Betweens are an obvious touchstone, with maybe a little REM thrown in, but everyone had a lil' REM in their sound back then. Also sensing a little GBV. Placeholders is their best record, but this one is pretty fine!

I know "Houseguest" isn't on this album, but this video features not only Franklin Bruno playing electric guitar, but John Darnielle dressed up in a Batman costume.


  1. Hi ya pard, I'm new to the internet and only wanted to tell you how I appreciate this. I went without my favorite records for years until nearly all were destroyed in a storage fire, now I'm slowly trying to build up my collection, starting with my beloved ∅PB. Haven't yet found my most prized single: Control Freak/Niacin - I'm certainly looking out for it!
    My email's
    All this underground rock information and music on the internet is very heartening. A few years ago I could find only the culty-est of it, not all those obscure bands I love are appearing.
    Keep up, thanks.

  2. Wow, I really was new then. Of course, I've re-found the 7" in question a while back, and would appreciate if you could delete this embarrassing message above, if possible. Thank you for the blog.