Saturday, October 10, 2009

The High Water Marks - Songs About the Ocean

The High Water Marks – Songs About the Ocean
Eenie Meenie Records, 2004
Acquired: Love Garden Blowout Location, Used, 2009
Price: $2

I'd always wanted to pick this up, but $8 seemed a little steep. Thanks again, 75% off sale! The High Water Marks is Hilarie Sidney's (of the Apples in Stereo) side project. This is their debut, and “Good I Feel Bad” is a song I played a LOT back in my getting into Elephant 6 phase around Freshman year. Hilarie's songs with the Apples were some of the best (particularly on their latest record, “New Magnetic Wonder”). I don't think she's in the Apples anymore, though. Regardless, this is some excellent guitar pop. Sidney and Norwegian Per Ole Bratset. Funny story! Hilarie used to be married to Robert Schneider (frontman of the Apples in Stereo), who mixed this record and now she's married to Ole Bratset! Cute! Anyway, this record is really nice! Not anything amazing but it's got some catchy tunes and they alternate between boy vocal songs and girl vocal songs, and harmonies!!! INDIEPOP!!!! I should also note that this motherfucker is on beautiful light blue vinyl, which may be making me like this more. But I doubt it, because this is really really good. My only real qualm is that this record is WAY too long for an indiepop record. 13 songs? Yes, that is too long. My attention span shuts down after 12. Still a good record though!

Mixtape tracks:
"Good I Feel Bad"
"Sixth of July"
"About the Ocean"
"High Water Marks"

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