Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dump - International Airport

Dump – International Airport
Smells Like Records, 1995
Acquired: Love Garden (Blowout Location), Used, 2009
Price: $2.50

Man, thank god for half-off records. Granted, I might have picked this up regardless because I've always liked James McNew. I think he always has to play second fiddle to the Georgia/Ira dynamic in Yo La Tengo but people forget that homeboy's responsible for “Stockholm Syndrome.” Well, I think so at least. And he's pretty rad. This 10” is cool, I like it, and at $2.50 it's a steal! It's got a boring cover of Versus' “Flax” AND a fucking excellent, almost a capella cover of the Kinks “The Way Love Used to Be.” And you know who played drums with McNew on Dump tours sometimes? TODD FUCKING BARRY! YES! THE COMEDIAN! I THINK THAT IS RIGHTEOUS. This 10” is kind of weird. Lots of synthesizers but it's really pretty cool, kind of groovy, I dig. Jenny liked the title track. I did too. It's like, 12 minutes long and it's a repetitive synthesizer opera thing, although I don't know if I can call it an opera. It's just long and it's really good.

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