Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Note Before Continuing

Today, on my quest for the Ace Frehley solo record I swung by the Love Garden Blowout Location and dug through all the records I could. I didn't find it, but I did dig through all the used Alt-Rock LPs in hopes of finding some gems. I found some fucking gems. About $50 worth (after you add the half-off special!). I only bought $20 worth, and hopefully Kelly will turn it into a super blowout and bring it to 75% soon so I can go pick up the rest. All but three of the records I bought began with letters I've already covered, so the next entries will be dedicated to those.

That is, with the exception of Smile, which is one of John Porcellino's early bands and I pretty much fucking freaked when I found it and I'm going to listen to it and write about it because I'm giddy. I mean, I just saw this very DIY looking record with a hand-drawn cover and a track-list/backart thing glued on the back and wanted it. Then looked inside and wouldn't you know! I recently finished King Cat Classix which prominently features Porcellino writing about being in bands, having a record label, and music (or maybe I just remember those parts the most, it's kind of a tome, but one I HIGHLY recommend to anyone who likes things that are good). Anyway, onward!

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