Friday, October 9, 2009

Blaise Pascal - Foreword

Blaise Pascal – Foreword
Cave Canem, 1994
Acquired: Love Garden Blowout Location, Used, 2009
Price: $1

Oh the shit you can find at the Love Garden Blowout Location. This is the mid-90s indie-rock band fronted by Nicholas Bragg who not only had a song written about him by fellow Vancouverites Cub, but plays guitar in Destroyer, also known as pretty much my favorite band after Guided by Voices. This record isn't really anything special though. But it's nice, you know? It's very distorted, it's got lots of angular riff kind of stuff, a little Slint-y but not as gloomy. I have a sweet spot for Vancouver's music scene, so I had to have this. And a $1 I can't really complain. If this randomly came on some day, I would listen to it and be like “This is kinda good. Diggin' the atmospheric guitars! What is this?”

Now dig on this video of the song about the frontman!


  1. Hey, thanks for the props on the Blaise Pascal EP a while back. I don't know exactly why I was looking it up, nostagia? but I did and was surprised to see your (sorta) endorsement. I agree It wasn't a fantastic record, but it was recorded for around 100$ and we couldn't afford too many second takes then. The LP you have was also limited to less than 300 copies I believe--very nice to see it actually in someone's hands. In any event, lots of stories about BP, and I'm blown away that anyone actually still cares...but I suppose its because Nic Bragg is the love child of Tom Verlaine and Richard Thompson. :-) Dan from Destroyer really ought to give him freer reign...Hmmm...I've actually seen and heard the havoc Nic's licks can wreak, so well, on second thought that maybe would not be such a brilliant idea.

    Take care
    M.Leduc (guitar/piano) BP

  2. i still care... ;)

    M.Feldmar (drums) BP

  3. Hey, I have no idea if this thread is still alive at all, but I have been searching unsuccessfully for E-Filter for years. Seriously, years. M. Leduc, I don't know you, but if you could help with this quest of mine, I'd be really, really thankful. Or, who's blog is this anyway? You happen to have E-Filter? Fwiw, I knew Johann, the drummer on E-Filter, a little in Vancouver. Justin, you took over after Johann?

    Aron (fan) BP