Friday, October 9, 2009

a-ha - Hunting High and Low

a-ha – Hunting High and Low
Warner Brothers, 1985
Acquired: Love Garden Blowout Location, Used, 2009
Price: $1.25

Today the Love Garden Blowout Location cut the discount to 75%. In my brains, frenzy ensued. I went back and found the stash I'd hid a few days ago, the ones I'd hid for when the discount hit 75%. That meant I could get $5 records for $1.25. How cool is that? Too fucking cool. I got about $70 worth of records for $17. And now I know I am going to end up there tomorrow to clean up. I stashed this one because Chris Clark said it was really good. Yes, everyone bought it solely for “Take on Me,” but overall Chris was right. This is a really good adventure in 80s new wave and synth pop, and it isn't nearly as cheesy as I imagined! Yes, the balladesque title track is a little sappy but it's still good, you know? Actually, the whole A-side is a jam, with the exception of “Living a Boy's Adventure Tale,” but that's only due to my disdain for obligatory 80s sax solos. But really, it's all eclipsed by “Take on Me,” which is easily one of the greatest pop songs of all time. You can't really deny that. If you try to, you are fooling yourself. 24 years later and it's still legit as fuck. Also, if you've never heard “The Sun Always Shines on T.V.” you're REALLY missing out. Track 1, Side B. Fucking listen to that shit. EPIC 80s pop, to the max, the best. I also believe this is now the FIRST record in my collection, which is kind of cool.

And if you haven't seen this parody of the song, WATCH IT RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!

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