Monday, October 5, 2009

End of K


Tomorrow, I am decided: After getting application for job at the Union, I am going to hit up BOTH Love Garden locations AND the antique mall and track down a copy of the Ace Frehley KISS record. I have to hear it now, because it can only be the best of the four because they all got progressively better. After Paul Stanley's ballsy (in the sense that it's the only one that had any balls) rock n' roll record, I am wondering if he can bust that shit out. Old School Pitchfork seemed to think it was the best of the two (an 8.5!!!), although they did give the Paul Stanley a 2.0 and the Gene Simmons a 5.0 (I would have reversed those). However, we did agree on the Peter Chriss record (a 0.0), as it was utterly worthless. So yeah, I'm excited to find the Ace record. I hope it's ace!

I will say though, Gene Simmons' cover of Jiminy Cricket's "When You Wish Upon a Star" was the highlight of my evening.

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